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My husband and I recently celebrated four sweet years of marriage by exploring New York City for the first time. We spent most of our time in Manhattan, either walking in the streets of the city or wandering through pockets of lush nature. 

For many years, I was especially enamored by the ethereal beauty of autumn in the east coast, which soon became an item on my bucket list. My husband and I thus spent one of the mornings walking through Central Park, taking in the changing foliage. We loved how peaceful it was, and felt as though we had the park to ourselves! 

New York is an incredible city filled with romance and timeless pieces. There is something about the city that sets itself apart for its rich history and iconic buildings, and we loved every moment we spent there - from lingering in the cafe or taking in the cityscape at the High Line. My husband and I were so grateful to make memories there together, and is a destination we will look forward to visiting again in the future!

Recounting 2017

As this year came and went, and I want to take this opportunity to be a bit more introspective and recount the many, many things to be thankful for this past year. As some express this through the #2017bestnine, I thought to do something that is a little different. As many say, the nine squares do not quite do justice the many events that happen in one year, so I hope to share a little more than nine images, and a share a few words too for myself to look back on the years to come. 

If you have been following me for a while, I want to thank you for going through this journey with me thus far. Photography helped me to see a lot of things about myself that I would not have known  - and the challenges that I'm sure many of you share and are intimately aware. However, it has been a beautiful way to being able to document many milestones, celebrations, and the everyday. I am so grateful for the new relationships that have cultivated, or ongoing relationships that have grown. 

Weddings, Inspiration Shoots, and Workshops

In 2017, I had the honor of photographing weddings for several clients, and am reminded of what a privilege it is to document the day when two individuals become one. In addition, it was also a delight to collaborate with vendor friends to put together an bridal inspiration shoot. I was excited to fulfill my goal of attending a workshop with none other than Jeremy Chou, whom I admired for some time. 

Travels to Israel, Orlando, and New York

This past year was filled with extraordinary and unexpected travels. My husband and I visited Israel with our church, and were overwhelmed (in a good way) of the rich history laden in that land. It was also amazing to witness the events that took place in the Bible with our own eyes, an experience that is too good to pass. The constant, joyful fellowship with brothers and sisters were ever sweet.

I also unexpectedly took a trip with my mother, father, and sister to Orlando, Florida. Funnily enough, I often boast to friends and colleagues to have never visited a city in the USA east of Las Vegas. Well, that's thrown out the window! Although the trip was short, I was grateful to have spent time with my parents in a place nearly every child wants to go to - Disney World and Universal Studios. 

Another unexpected trip this year was when my husband and I spent our fourth year anniversary in New York. To put it simply, it was a dream and cannot wait to visit again!

Celebrations & The Everyday

2017 was also no short of celebrations, from friends becoming first time mothers, to my mother's 60th birthday. This season was one to remember, as each day is truly a gift , either the first breaths of life or the resilience through age. The everyday should not be taken for granted, from the morning ritual of making coffee, to visiting the local gems that I get to call home.