Portraits | The Lee Family

“To me, motherhood is by no means always beautiful, filled with laughter, or flowery. As a new mom, much of the first few months of my baby’s life was spent worrying and struggling to just figure out how to keep my baby alive while staying sane. My mind felt scattered, I couldn’t focus, I felt undesirable, and sometimes downright ugly. But slowly I began to realize that, no matter what I did, my baby would move on and grow into a new stage of life on his own time. When my son began to learn to do things on this own, even without my help, I realized that everything would be OK. I’m far from completely being able to let go, but I’ve come to truly understand what it means when people say that all babies, and all moms, are different and unique in their own way.

Now that my son is turning one, I’m beginning to truly embrace motherhood. That’s not to say that things are any easier now, but I’m coming to terms with understanding sacrificial love while trying to enjoy these special moments with my son as time quickly flies by. It’s amazing to witness your child growing up before your eyes, and even to see the transformation your spouse goes through to fit into his role as a new dad. No one is perfect and we all do the best that we can do to survive. Now that I know we will survive, I feel that I can breathe out and enjoy (loosely speaking) what is to still to come.” Suzy, Mother 

As featured on The Fount Collective