The Terrace Room Oakland Wedding Olivia & Richard

Upon meeting Richard and Olivia, you are immediately greeted by their warm gesture, and unexpected, cutesy mutters from Olivia. And now, they are husband and wife!

I first met Olivia when she was just starting college, and attended our church's BBQ welcome event for new students. By then, I had already graduated, and was just engaged the day before with my best friend. Although we didn't know each other, I was pleasantly surprised by how happy Olivia was for me to be anticipating our wedding day. Nearly four years later, we have grown to be closer friends and she now shares the joy of being married! It is a great joy to see Olivia grow in her love for the Lord, and see it go forth in loving others. 

Richard and Olivia not only celebrated their wedding, but used it as a means to share how God saved them by believing in Jesus Christ, who is the perfect sacrifice by dying on the Cross, knowing that sinners cannot save themselves. It was so hard to walk away without wiping tears of joy from my cheeks. What a sweet testimony they bear, and I anticipate seeing how the Lord will work in their relationship to further His Kingdom.

Congratulations Olivia and Richard!

Photos by Stephanie for Nathalie Cheng Photography.

Reception Venue: The Terrace Room | Wedding Coordinator: Christine Chang | Florals: Nari Lee | Calligraphy: Sojourner Calligraphy | Film Lab: Photovision