Local | North Berkeley, CA

It's been a delight having this blog since it pushes me to look back at my photos and consider how I've been spending 2015. It's almost like pulling out a photo album from the back of a closet shelf, blowing off the dust, and, filled with nostalgia, turning each page. I guess living in the digital age, this depiction might be hard to relate huh? In any case, this local trip with friends is definitely gave me those feels!

A friend at the time purchased a mirrorless camera (Olympus OM-D E-M10), and we were all excited for her to take it out for a spin. We first had pizza at Cheese Board (an iconic pizza go to if visiting Berkeley for the first time), and enjoyed dessert at Mission Heirloom. This restaurant and cafe highlighted itself as delivering healthy foods sustainably and storing everything in glass. I especially loved how it served its desserts and coffee with Heath Ceramics, one of my favorite potteries. It was a whole lot of fun having these little trips with fellow friends, with wholesome conversations and warm memories. 

Cheese Board Pizza, Berkeley Mission Heirloom, Berkeley