Sesnon House Wedding | Daniel & Megan

Where do I even start?! Daniel and Megan have been dear to my heart after meeting Megan at a summer internship during our college years. Almost four years (!) later, we are now coworkers at the same company! She is one of the sweetest people I know, who practices warm hospitality and is never shy to say hello. We easily pass time as she shares humorous stories and quirks about her family, and is always down to get an afternoon cup of coffee. 

I still remember the summer when they were engaged, and sharing the excitement and anticipation for their wedding day. As I look at these pictures, I still remember this special day. Daniel and Megan did not disappoint! They performed two ballroom dances, and everyone was captivated. It was sweet to see so many smiles on the guests' faces, and the many who have traveled far to celebrate this lovely couple. Congratulations, Megan and Daniel!

Photos by Stephanie for Nathalie Cheng Photography.