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Apple rosette tarts, flowers, and delicate props - a wonderful combination. Nathalie Cheng recently procured Jen Huang's Workshop-In-A-Box, and we spent an afternoon baking delicious yet simple apple tarts and learning to stylize our own shoots. 

This day was special, because it came with several firsts - my first time doing a photography workshop and capturing my first roll of film. I am thankful that through a dear friend's generosity and support that my eyes were opened to a new avenue of beauty. For years film always had a special place in my heart, and it is undeniable that its way of melding illumination, colors, and depth cannot be fully reproduced by another medium. It is a process that requires patience, yet the results are rewarding! Though I was always on edge on purchasing a camera, I was immediately sold and shortly thereafter researched for one of my own. I am excited for it to come to my doorstep!

Thank you Nathalie Cheng for your friendship, helpful advice, and being my lovely model!

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